Guest Speakers: Tony & Arman Abedini

Background on Tony and Arman:

This Father/Son team is one of our most fascinating set of Champions as it has our youngest Champion at 10 years old! Based out of Beaverton, Oregon; Tony and his wife initially invested in businesses, gas stations and hotels when they found that dealing with the employees was less than ideal. Wanted to move from those assets towards Small Apartments to transition from minimum wage/angry customer dealings to more mailbox money.

In 2016, they got more focused with Small Apartments. Their focus truly blossomed after attending a Tony Robbins sponsored seminar on Real estate. Arman had joined in with his Dad to learn the business shortly after.

Arman, with the help of his dad, had already closed on a single-family home in Alabama before they had attended boot camp in San Francisco. Arman likes that he can build his finances now and plan for his future. After attending the boot camp with his dad in San Francisco, they were able to hit the ground running and closed on a Duplex.

Note: Since this interview, Arman has been able to rent out both units for a total of $1150.00 gross rents and $800 NOI. He will be marketing the property soon and hopes to sell next month. With his some of his profits he will be reinvesting in real estate in addition to getting a new iPhone X and maybe giving his dad a piece of the action.

What you’ll learn in this episode:


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