“Poster Boy of Resilience” Is Now Running for Congress in the Twenty First District of Florida! (Peter Arianas)

About This Episode:

Amazed by Peter Arianas’ dogged determination and amazing ability to navigate through all the seemingly insurmountable challenges that came up in trying to close his first deal, Lance Edwards once dubbed him the “Poster Boy of Resilience.”

After completing one of Lance’s early courses in small apartment investing, Arianas was finding himself stuck trying to get started, feeling there was a missing piece. With nothing to lose, flew to Houston to join Lance’s hands-on mentoring program. When the deal that Arianas was working on in Akron, Ohio encountered a series of setbacks that would normally overwhelm a first time investor, Lance told him, “If I were you, I would back out.”

Fully believing that he could make good money on the deal if he stuck with it, Arianas chose not to take the advice – and his ultimate success earned Lance’s utmost respect as one of the organization’s early Apartment Champions.

Tune in as Mr. Arianas will discuss the details of his experience investing in small apartments and his journey to run for Congress.

Guest Speaker: Peter Arianas

Peter Arianas was one of Lance’s earliest Apartment Champions where he showed incredible determination and resilience to find success. Using these same traits, he has now turned his sights on a seat in congress!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

Peter had a five step plan when he did the first apartment deal, and he has a five step plan on his website www.FLCD21.com. His other is www.ArianasToCongress.com.






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