Guest Speaker: Ron Legrand

In case you didn’t know, I’m from humble beginnings, a former auto mechanic who couldn’t even make ends meet working overtime. I’ll never forget telling my wife again and again we couldn’t afford a new washing machine when our old one broke. Today, we live in a 7,000 square foot home in Florida. I’ve bought and sold over 3,000 homes and commercial properties all over America (using the same System I’ll give you) and I have thousands of people I’ve helped and am helping to achieve their grandest goals. I’d like to share my story with you…

I’ve been buying “quick-turning” for cash and keeping as investment houses as an independent investor and entrepreneur for 35 years.

I have a System for efficiently locating, accurately analyzing, and intelligently purchasing certain very specific types of real estate, in some cases to quickly resell one of several ways for immediate cash profits; in other cases, to hold onto, without landlord headaches. My System can be your System – without the years of trial-and-error and expense that went into perfecting it…

In 1982, I was married, working as a car mechanic, with no money in the bank, an embarrassingly small paycheck, constantly telling my wife and kids “no” and feeling terrible about it. I was 35 years old, bankrupt, married for 17 years, with 4 kids, and clueless about what I wanted to do with my life – although I was pretty sure I didn’t want to fix cars in the hot Florida sun (Sometimes even a good business providing a good income still feels like a bad job).

I talked with a lot of doctors, lawyers, contractors, restaurant owners, insurance sales agents, mortgage brokers who are doing just fine purely in income when they first meet me, but still feeling miserable about how hard they’re working or how they’re tied down and trapped by their businesses. I liberate them now, like I was once liberated. I saw an ad that said, “Come learn how to buy real estate with no money and no credit.”

I didn’t believe it, but went anyway. Within the next 3 weeks, I made $3,000 on a small real estate deal and I was no longer an auto mechanic. In a few short years I’d purchased over 400 houses, but I had as many headaches as I did dollars. That’s when I completely redesigned my approach to real estate, and went about being an ‘investor’ differently, and went about being a ‘quick-turn entrepreneur’ for immediate cash profits, too.

People started coming to me for advice, word got around, and almost of its own making, I wound up in the business of showing others how to do what I do – and what I do IS unique. It is a unique combination of marketing to attract deals, immediate cash profits, avoiding ordinary landlord problems, and rapidly accumulating wealth, a goodly portion of it tax-free. If that sounds complicated, it isn’t.

Once you know the steps, it’ll be just as easy and natural for you to do as what you do now to make a living. By the way, you’ll be joining a 50-Billion Dollar Industry that’s more than 200 years old. It’s not that we’re doing anything totally new here. Instead, I’ve built a System for you on a rock-solid foundation.

So, today, my wife of 53 years, Beverly and I live in a beautiful home on 10 acres in Jacksonville, Florida. I indulge in my favorite hobby, fishing, with three or four trips a year, including my favorite, into the Alaskan wilderness. I do a lot of speaking – in fact, I address audiences of 200 to 20,000. I frequently find myself on programs with people like Dr. Phil, former U.S. Presidents, famous authors like Robert Kiyosaki, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ even Donald Trump. I don’t tell you ANY of that to brag, but to make two very important points for your benefit: one, if a dumb car mechanic can do this, why shouldn’t you? You definitely have more education and resources than I did when I started. And you have all my experience, buying some 400 houses “dumb ways,” 2,600+ the smart way.

I’m paid every week to speak, conduct seminars, and author books and courses, but that’s NOT where the majority of my wealth came from or comes from. I do what I tell you to do. I still buy and “quick-turn” three to six ‘ordinary’ houses almost every month just to keep my hand in, with an average profit of over $60,000 a month.

People constantly ask why I continue to teach, mentor, and actually work to find open-minded, ambitious people to give my system to. It’s hard for them to understand why a multi-millionaire real estate investor who could have retired rich and relaxed years ago keeps working with people who aren’t yet in his league. I know it even raised suspicion and skepticism. The answer is simple, really. Golf, scuba-diving, even fishing gets old quick if that’s all you do. Making millionaires never gets old to me. I truly enjoy sharing my System. And I’ll enjoy sharing it with you.

You know, I think most people, including most business people, try to get where they want to go by working harder. But I discovered it’s not how hard you work but what you work on. If hard work were the secret, nurses, ditch-diggers, soldiers risking their lives in war zones, maybe even one or two of your employees would have Warren Buffet or Bill Gates’ money. I’d really like to show you how to apply a comparatively little amount of your time, brain power and entrepreneurial energy to something that can and will yield huge results. All while having some fun and spending 4 days with me and some other amazing students from all over the country.

What you’ll Learn about in this episode where Ron interviews Lance:

*What the small apartment world is really like

*Why someone should consider small apartments

*How Lance got to the point where he is now teaching tens of thousands of people how to replace their income or enhance their retirement

*Advantages in the niche of small apartment investing

*How you can make more money for the same effort

*Why you should start small but don’t have to stay small

*Benefits of small vs large apartment complex investing

*How small apartment financing is similar to single family owner financing

*Making sure you take care of your monthly cash flow needs first

*When to start cherry picking your deals

*Why real estate is so similar to marketing

*Earning true passive income

*How to determine the value of an apartment complex

*Hidden expenses you might forget about when determining the value of an apartment complex

*Why apartment buildings are less risky than office buildings

*How you can work through the formula to determine the value of an apartment building sight unseen

*Creating systems and how they can keep the small details off your plate

* Lance’s book “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments”

* How anyone can get started with small apartments, no matter where you’re coming from


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