Talking “Red Tide” Algae Bloom and Combating Climate Change

Garrett Stuart, aka “Captain Planet,” is a marine biologist who passionately promotes conservation and education. The CEO of the Eco Preservation Project, he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk by promoting sustainable agriculture and cleaner oceans. His weapon of choice is education, and he is renowned for sharing the importance of protecting natural resources, especially in Florida, which is facing enhanced algal blooms (“Red Tide”) and an alarming rate of coral and fish die-offs. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Field Biology specializing in algae, he worked for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, restoring tall grass prairies and building artificial wetlands before entering the field of agriculture. After a time as a crop consultant and working in Puerto Rico managing an Agroforestry Farm, he returned to the Florida Keys to become a Marine Scientist, focusing on outreach educational programs. [Read More]


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