Guest Speaker: Peter Vekselman

I want to introduce you to my friend Peter Vekselman and his group PARTNER-DRIVEN REAL ESTATE INVESTING

Peter has built a nationwide community of new investor partners that:

I want to personally invite you to go to their site and check it out for yourself:

They are currently offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROPOSAL that details the whole program and how they partner with their coaching students to guide & support them through every step of the process.

Listen.. if you are looking for a way to learn real estate investing WITHOUT having to risk your own capital you really want take advantage of this opportunity

I do not know of any other group doing it exactly this way…

Go to: and download their LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PROPOSAL today!!!

To your Success,

Lance Edwards
America’s #1 Small Apartment Expert


The Value of Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching

Having completed over 3,600 real estate transaction deals over the past 22 years as a real estate investor, Peter Vekselman combines coaching, mentoring and partnerships to help others achieve success. Having established partnerships with real estate brokers, agents, wholesalers, investors, general contractors and private and hard money lenders, he funds real estate deals through his unique Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching Program whose motto is, “You find it, I fund it!” His team actively invests in 15-30 deals every month. Peter leads an army of real estate agents, negotiators, and marketers that dominate the southeastern real estate arena. He teaches his students how to become self-assured, confident, and successful investors able to achieve their goals and surpass the expectations of what they hope to accomplish by investing in Real Estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

*The success Peter experienced in his previous entrepreneurial venture, a merchant services business, which he ultimately franchised in 15 states.

*How a book called “Deals on Wheels” by Lonnie Scruggs, about buying and selling mobile homes, and a seminar by Scruggs, helped him shift gears into real estate

*His success in the mobile home industry, including the largest mobile home dealership brokerage in the Southeast, doing 100 deals a month

*How Peter segued from mobile homes to traditional real estate deals after the mobile home industry collapsed

*His understanding that real estate is a locally driven business, and his success in Atlanta, Jacksonville, FL and Modesto, CA

*His belief that the worlds of real estate agents and investors can be intertwined

*Why the fact that the market is getting better for investors actually makes finding, buying and selling properties more of a challenge – because so many “rookies” without any true knowledge of the business are entering the fray and messing up the market by overpaying for properties

*How to meet those fresh challenges by increasing the volume of deals

*The necessity of making adjustments when there are changes in market conditions

*Learning how to do deals in locations where he was not located, and the role social media played in this

*How social media helped him develop the idea which led to his Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching system

*The essence of the system – “Call me and I will give you the money to do the deal and I’ll partner with you all the way through the deal and will help make sure it’s done correctly – and then we will split the profits.”

*How this concept took off like wildfire, with everyday people – “from immigrants working in carnivals” to “single moms with six kids” – finding deals for him to fund

*How the success of this concept even led Hollywood to do a reality show about Peter

*For ten years, his real estate educational platform and work with investors were separate entities

*The reason for his disenchantment with the results he was getting from his traditional educational platform

*How he eventually merged the two sides of his business into the Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching system

*Why he chooses single family houses when he starts partnering with a student

*How Peter’s marketing and construction teams help facilitate these processes – and ensures that no mistakes happen as deals are made

*How he deals with the fears of first timers – including having members of his team on the phone with them as they work on their deals

*The inherent flaws in the “strictly education” system – and why learning theory and concepts is not enough to guarantee success

*How experienced leads to confidence in making deals

*A real life scenario in which Peter helped a student from Chicago go from struggling financially to making tens of thousands off their deals

*Why former students continue to work with Peter and his teams even after it’s clear they could be making deals without this support system

*What Peter enjoys about his current lifestyle: “The only thing I would have done differently 20 years ago is I would have done it 20 times quicker.”



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