Guest Speaker: Loral Langemeier

Creating Wealth with Yes! Energy with “The Millionaire Maker”

5 Time New York Times Bestselling author, international speaker and one of the most innovative and successful entrepreneur mentors, Loral Langemeier – known as “The Millionaire Maker” – is the CEO of Live Out Loud, which is dedicated to changing the conversation about money from the outdated “industrial” talk to an “Out Loud” entrepreneurial conversation that helps anyone make more money, keep more money and build generational wealth. She is one of today’s most visible and innovative money experts, accelerating the conversation about money, sharing how to, not just survive this tough economic climate, but how to succeed and thrive. She is on a relentless mission to empower people around the world to become millionaires.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

*About Loral’s fascinating journey from growing up on a farm to studying about money, earning a finance degree, working with the Kiyosaki Group and becoming a “real estate gasohol millionaire” in only six years.

*The foundation of her multi-faceted success: persistence, discipline, work ethic

*Why she believes parents need to teach their kids about money when they’re teenagers

*How never being given a true blueprint for success by her own mentors led her to create a different approach with those she mentored

*Loral’s seven steps that can help anyone create more wealth every day, starting with your relationship to money

*Why less than 10% of people in the U.S. become millionaires

*Why “experiencing the relationship” of hanging out with entrepreneurs is essential to creating the wealth building mindset

*The importance of basic bookkeeping – your cash flow, assets, liabilities, net worth, etc.

*The importance of understanding your relationship to debt and why you should not have credit cards!

*The value of using “zero down” cards

*How creating an LLC, S-CORP or C-CORP for yourself will significantly reduce your taxes – and why she gave her son Logan an LLC for his 18th birthday

*The value of having a team to help you as you are building your wealth

*How buying your child a Roth at an early age can help set them up for life

*The five simple steps people can take to create additional income streams in their lives

*Why the best place to start an entrepreneurial journey is starting a business from one of your hobbies.

*Why you need a team of people more experienced than you – especially in your early stages of developing entrepreneurial ventures and income streams

*Details of her new brand Integrated Wealth Systems, which teaches people how to integrate members of your financial support team (which should include a lawyer, CPA, bookkeeper and someone to schedule your time and make appointments)

*Details about one of her most notable books, the groundbreaking Yes! Energy: The Equation fo Do Less, Make More, which you can employ to attract abundance into all areas of your life. The formula can help you achieve financial freedom; center your actions around a spiritual core of certainty and confidence; up-shift your attitude into consistent optimism; commit to engage with others at the highest, most satisfying levels; create the enterprise you’ve always envisioned; and dust off your dreams.

*How the principles of Yes! Energy, combined with your team of people you can call to help you through rough patches, can change your life

*Some of the principles behind the emerging BLOCK chain digital currency

*How to open up to the many events, services, books and other resources Loral provides via her website


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