Lance Edwards and Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, are working together to bring you the best ideas on how to profit from real estate opportunities across America. Lance has been a guest on Jordan’s Money Answers Show and Jordan has been a guest on Greenlight REI.   Jordan frequently  interviews top experts in real estate on his Money Answers Show and Lance wants to share these conversations with Greenlight REI subscribers. Enjoy!

Guest Bio: Reed Goossens is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker whose real estate investing journey began in 2009 thanks to picking up “Rich D engineering before taking the plunge full time into real estate investing and development. In 2011, Reed and his girlfriend (now wife) moved to the US and purchased his first duplex for $38,000. The experience taught him a lot about the benefits of Investing for cash flow in the US, which has lower barriers to entry than Reed’s native Australia. Reed founded RSN Property Group, a multi-family syndication investing firm involved in the acquisition of over $60 million worth of real estates to date. He hosts the podcast ‘Investing in the US – An Aussie’s guide to US real estate’, interviewing top real estate professionals to better educate other investors who want to break into the US Market.

Description: Interested in getting started investing in real estate but unsure where or how to begin? Holding back on getting started due to not enough money? Wondering if real estate investing makes sense for you? Host Jordan Goodman talks with Reed Goossens about how and why Reed switched from a career in civil/structural engineering to real estate investing. Goossens and Goodman discuss what makes investing in real estate for cash flow so different in the U.S.A. from Goossen’s native Australia and the take aways Goossen learned from working in both countries.


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