Jay completed this first deal in Lubbock TX within months of attending Lance’s boot camp. With a background in IT consulting, Jay had never thought about real estate until he read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and started thinking about ways to replace his JOB with passive income.

He discovered Lance’s system on small apartments and hit the ground running! He followed Lance’s system and found this seller through direct mail and using the scripts. Though the seller was not motivated, Jay stayed very persistent until he got a contract for $248k and sold for $268k, making $20k in profit!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

*What prompted Jay to get started with apartments and real estate.

*How long he has been involved with real estate.

*What training he has received outside Lance’s system.

*How he found this property for his first deal.

*What the situation was with the property.

*What the opportunity was.

*How he pursued the deal.

*How the negotiation was with the seller of this property, and how it was with the buyer.

*How he found the buyer and what the sale price was.

*What is next for Jay’s business.

*What was the single most important thing Jay learned in this process.

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