Guest Speaker: Jack Bosch

“Land Flipper” and Land Profit Creator Jack Bosch Reveals How To Create a Forever Cash Flow Via Land Investments

Jack Bosch (aka “The Land Guy” is one of the country’s foremost experts in Land Investments and an industry leader in Real Estate Investment education. An experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor, respected industry leader, speaker and educator, he is the author of the bestselling financial literacy book “Forever Cash” and the creator of the Land Profit Generator real estate without hassles system. Jack emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1997 with just two suitcases and a bunch of student debt, and since 2002, he and his wife Michelle, co-founder of the Land Profit Generator have purchased and sold over 4,000 properties. With his Land For Pennies investment method, Jack and Michelle went from zero to a million in just 18-months and from that built a real estate investment empire that spans multiple areas of real estate including, land flipping, financing/ notes, tax delinquent real estate, home rentals, commercial, multi-family investments, and education.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

*How he and his wife first discovered investment opportunities in real estate and overcame their lack of knowledge and experience to become successful

*Why they initially chose land investments over houses – because few home owners responded to their direct mail pieces but landowners eager to sell did!

*The differences between “land flipping” and “house flipping”

*How you can sell these properties with seller financing

*How you can double, triple and quadruple your profits by “splitting land”

*All the unique things you can do with land that you cannot do with houses

*How Jack and Michelle get into their deals and keep the flow of flipping properties going

*Why “land flipping” is a non-competitive industry

*How Jack and Michelle find these land deals, including direct mail, Craigslist, Zillow and county data services

*The #1 reason why owners are eager to sell land

*Why the majority of land for sale is not listed

*Buying land without ever physically setting eyes on it, even from overseas

*Top websites and social media outlets that list land for sale

*Minor potential problems that can arise with unsupervised land ownership

*The biggest lesson Jack learned – “Get in line, stay in line” – Find the kind of investment lifestyle that fits your level of comfort, confidence and personality

*The main theme of his book “Forever Cash” – the philosophy of onetime cash, temporary cash and forever cash

*Why “Forever Cash” is the key to truly retiring

*How Jack and Michelle created their global travel lifestyle using these principles

*The basic steps they took towards building wealth

*The Facebook community they have created for their students, Forever Cash

*Finding the sweet spot with small and mid-size owners instead of large properties


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