Guest Speaker: Jordan Goodman

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly – and other empowering strategies from The Money Answer Man, Jordan Goodman

Renowned throughout the financial industry as America’s “Money Answer Man,” Jordan Goodman has been addressing America’s personal finance questions for nearly 40 years. The host of, he has been in the personal finance journalism field for decades. A graduate of Amherst College’s London School of Economics, he received his master’s in journalism from the Columbia School of Journalism and spent 20 years at Money magazine, where he covered every aspect of personal finance for 20 years. He has written 13 books, including “Fast Profits in Hard Times” and the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. In addition to guest appearances on finance related radio and TV shows, he has also hosted his own podcast called The Money Answer Show for 11 years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

*A Mortgage Equity Optimization Strategy to help you pay off your mortgage quickly – by flipping the equation and making your money work for you instead of the bank.

*How to use HELOC, a home equity line of credit which is a liquid line against your house, usable for investment properties in addition to one’s primary residence.

*How HELOC helps you pay off your mortgage and debt much faster than traditional loan payments

*The three qualifiers for HELOC: equity in your house or property, a credit score of approximately 680 or higher and positive monthly cash flow

*How to pay your bills out of HELOC, and how that helps you make progress on your principal.

*Information on Regulation A+ Funds, a colloquial name given to a recently adopted SEC rule that amended and expanded a rarely used offering exemption named Regulation A.

*Background on the Jobs Act of 2012, which authorized what are commonly called crowdsourcing funds. These allow individuals to get in for as little as $5000 in a passively managed fund where they can get yields of 8% plus profit sharing.

*How people use these crowdsourcing funds to diversify their investments and the two strategies they use: Forced Appreciations and Collaborative Lending.

* How these strategies can be worked into a self-directed IRA or a Roth IRA.

*Top Tips for Getting Your Retirement Funded, including “Savings on Investing should be a habit, not an accident.”

*The difference between positive and negative compounding

*A special mortgage deal for American heroes called Heroes Come First which can we activated by military veterans, doctors, dentists, police, EMT, clergy and firefighters. Allows them to secure a lower interest rate on their mortgage and half of all closing costs on a home.

*Jordan’s specially designed resource page:


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