A Revolutionary Interdisciplinary Care Model for Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Guest Speaker: David Winters, President, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Traumatic brain injury of our active military is a silent injury that can go undetected and wreck the lives of of those who faithfully serve our county. Lance interviews President David Winters on the innovative and interdisciplinary way the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is helping those affected service men and women win their lives back.  In addition, David reveals his equally fulfilling second job (and most interesting office location on the planet).

Highlights from the Interview:

01:25 The mission of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

03:03 History of the organization and the focus on traumatic brain injury

11:28 Active duty military with “invisible wounds of war” are served

13:58 A revolutionary model of care is used: “patient-centered interdisciplinary medical care”

15:43 A study shows 90% of patients treated are able to continue their service

19:55 The study focused on 7 specific symptoms and showed significant reduction in all symptoms

24:16 Kyle shares Pete’s story

25:55 Kyle shares Steve’s story

27:26 Here’s where to donate: www.fallenheroesfund.org. The organization consistently receives an A or A+ rating from Charity Navigator.

30:54 How the project addresses and mitigates the stigma of psychological care

35:06 Headquarters is located on the gallery deck of the Intrepid Museum aircraft carrier in NYC.

Lance is a long-term supporter of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. One way you can support the organization is by donating to www.FallenHeroesFund.org. In return, Lance will send you a FREE copy of his best-selling book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments.” Visit www.FreeApartmentsBook.com after you make your donation.

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