Great Investment Opportunities in Residential Assisted Living

Gene Guarino is President of Residential Assisted Living Academy™ in Phoenix, AZ and has over 30 years of experience in real estate investing and business. Today, he is focused on just one thing – investing in the mega trend of senior assisted housing. Having trained tens of thousands of investor/entrepreneurs over the past 25 years, he now specializes in helping others take advantage of this huge opportunity. Gene is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in the U.S. and Australia. Since 1976, he has owned and operated 16 businesses and been an angel investor in numerous others. He has written four books, hosted two radio shows and has spoken to more than 250,000 people in four countries since 1990. His goal is to help people by training investor/entrepreneurs how to, in his words, “do good and do well.” [Read More]

The Keys to Successful Seller Financing

Larry H. Goins has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years. In the past, he has served as President (2003 & 2004) of the Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte NC, a not-for-profit organization that has over 350 members and is the local chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association. Larry is an active real estate investor and travels the US speaking and training audiences at conventions, expos and Real Estate Investment Associations on his strategies for buying 10-15 properties per month without ever leaving his office. Between speaking Larry engagements and mentoring other Investors, he oversees the daily operations of Investors Rehab, Inc., is a real estate investment company that buys and wholesales 10-15 properties per month to other investors. Larryis the host of the BRAG Radio Show (Be Rich and Generous) and The Brain Pick-a-Pro podcast. As a Husband, Father, Business Man and Real Estate Investor, he holds true to his core values and moral integrity. His personal and business motto is, “People & Principles before Profits.” [Read More]

The Value of Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching

Having completed over 3,600 real estate transaction deals over the past 22 years as a real estate investor, Peter Vekselman combines coaching, mentoring and partnerships to help others achieve success. Having established partnerships with real estate brokers, agents, wholesalers, investors, general contractors and private and hard money lenders, he funds real estate deals through his unique Partner Driven Real Estate Coaching Program whose motto is, “You find it, I fund it!” His team actively invests in 15-30 deals every month. Peter leads an army of real estate agents, negotiators, and marketers that dominate the southeastern real estate arena. He teaches his students how to become self-assured, confident, and successful investors able to achieve their goals and surpass the expectations of what they hope to accomplish by investing in Real Estate. [Read More]

Understanding Alternative Investments for Retirement Savings via Self-Directed IRAs

Mat Sorensen is the CEO of Directed IRA and Directed Trust Company, a lawyer, bestselling author, national speaker and expert on self-directed retirement accounts. His company establishes and serves as custodian for all types of self-directed accounts (IRAs, Roth IRAs, HAS, Coverdells, Solo K’s, custodial accounts) for self-directed asset classes such as real estate, private company/private equity, IRA/LLCs, precious metals, and cryptocurrency. His book (The Self Directed IRA Handbook), a five star rated Amazon bestseller, is the most widely used and referenced book in the self-directed IRA industry and is endorsed or used for training by all major self-directed IRA custodians. Matt is also an attorney and partner at Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller & Sorensen, aka “The Entrepreneurs Law Firm.” [Read More]

How To Create a Forever Cash Flow Via Land Investments

Jack Bosch (aka “The Land Guy” is one of the country’s foremost experts in Land Investments and an industry leader in Real Estate Investment education. An experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor, respected industry leader, speaker and educator, he is the author of the bestselling financial literacy book “Forever Cash” and the creator of the Land Profit Generator real estate without hassles system. Jack emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1997 with just two suitcases and a bunch of student debt, and since 2002, he and his wife Michelle, co-founder of the Land Profit Generator have purchased and sold over 4,000 properties. With his Land For Pennies investment method, Jack and Michelle went from zero to a million in just 18-months and from that built a real estate investment empire that spans multiple areas of real estate including, land flipping, financing/ notes, tax delinquent real estate, home rentals, commercial, multi-family investments, and education. [Read More]

The Benefits of Using A Land Trust to Hold Title to Your Real Estate Investments

Since purchasing his first rental house in 1969, Randy Hughes, aka “Mr. Land Trust” and creator of the Land Trusts Made Simple website, has bought over 200 houses. His primary goal now is to teach others how to break the cycle of poverty. Randy teaches real estate investment courses throughout the United States. He has written Privacy and Asset Protection books as well as home study courses. Randy’s most popular publications are his Land Trust Made Simple home study courses and live seminars. Randy has written extensively for local and national real estate publications. He has taught real estate classes at the University of Illinois, Parkland College and Elgin Community College. Randy has been a licensed Continuing Education Instructor for the Illinois Association of Realtors for 20 years. He also speaks to real estate investment clubs throughout the United States. He also teaches land trust law and administration, authors the only Land Trust Newsletter and Blog in the country, is the founder of the Land Trust University. [Read More]

Empowering People to Take Control of Their Personal Finances

For 10 years, Brian Fouts worked and traveled as a construction manager – but while following the straight and narrow, he accrued debt, struggled to make ends meet, and realized his time was controlled by someone else. He knew there was a greater journey to follow, and made a significant change after 2008, when he, his family and friends lost their homes, their life savings and financial security. He and his brother Jake began to educate themselves about how money, wealth and “real” investing worked. Learning strategies ranging from real estate to private lending to cash banking (including real estate single families and online investing), they began taking control of their financial destinies. As founders of The Elevation Group, they teach people how to get out of the rat race and create connections with those who can help them achieve their goals. Through their resources at EVG and investing ventures, they built Elevation Institute as a beacon to those looking for actionable education and resources to take control of their financial security. [Read More]

Small Balance Loans For Small Apartment Purchases

Geoffrey Platt joined Arbor in 2010 and is responsible for originating FNMA, Freddie Mac, HUD, CMBS and Bridge loans. In addition, he oversees The Arbor Select Program (ASP), a rigorous and comprehensive development curriculum for sales careers at the Company. Prior to joining Arbor, Platt was a Real Estate Assistant Manager at Pomander Associates LLC, a family-based real estate business. During his tenure, he identified acquisition opportunities, developed post-acquisition profit improvement strategies and repositioned underperforming assets. Previous to that position, Platt spent several years at Bear Stearns & Co., holding multiple management trainee positions within Fixed Income Trade Support, Derivatives Client Servicing, and Prime Broker Trade Support. He earned a Master of Science in Real Estate from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brandeis University. [Read More]

Creating Wealth with Yes! Energy

Lance Edwards recently hosted Loral Langemeier, “The Millionaire Maker” on his Greenlight podcast, and Ms. Langemeier spoke in detail about her trademarked seven steps that people can take to create more wealth for themselves. The first is understanding your relationship to money. She teaches it not from the standpoint of just writing about it in a journal, talking about it and having therapy about it, but the importance of hands on experience. You’ve got to get out in the streets, to speak, and hang out with established entrepreneurs. It’s not just reading or audio books – you have to have the relationship in person. Ms. Langemeier tells people that the fastest way to know what millionaires think and how they act and behave is by spending time with them. You can read and fantasize all you want but it won’t manifest in your life unless there’s that personal connection. [Read More]

No Money Down Deals, Exit Strategies and More

The founder of and, Chris Prefontaine is the Amazon Best Selling author of Real Estate On Your TermsCreate Continuous Cash Flow Now, Without Using Your Cash or Credit. He has been in real estate for over 25 years and his experience includes the construction of over 100+ single family and duplex homes. He has owned a Realty Executives Franchise as broker / owner which maintained high per agent standards and eventually sold to Coldwell Banker in 2000. Since then he has coached over half a million realtors in order to scale and automate their business throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has also participated in in doing condo conversions (multi-family homes to condos) and “raise the roof” projects (converting single family ranches to colonials in growth neighborhoods). Chris and his family/team have done over 80 million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult and actually partner with students around the Country (by application only) to do exactly what they do. [Read More]

Talking “Red Tide” Algae Bloom and Combating Climate Change

Garrett Stuart, aka “Captain Planet,” is a marine biologist who passionately promotes conservation and education. The CEO of the Eco Preservation Project, he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk by promoting sustainable agriculture and cleaner oceans. His weapon of choice is education, and he is renowned for sharing the importance of protecting natural resources, especially in Florida, which is facing enhanced algal blooms (“Red Tide”) and an alarming rate of coral and fish die-offs. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Field Biology specializing in algae, he worked for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, restoring tall grass prairies and building artificial wetlands before entering the field of agriculture. After a time as a crop consultant and working in Puerto Rico managing an Agroforestry Farm, he returned to the Florida Keys to become a Marine Scientist, focusing on outreach educational programs. [Read More]

Father/Son Team Small Apartment Champions

This Father/Son team is one of our most fascinating set of Champions as it has our youngest Champion at 10 years old! Based out of Beaverton, Oregon; Tony and his wife initially invested in businesses, gas stations and hotels when they found that dealing with the employees was less than ideal. Wanted to move from those assets towards Small Apartments to transition from minimum wage/angry customer dealings to more mailbox money.

In 2016, they got more focused with Small Apartments. Their focus truly blossomed after attending a Tony Robbins sponsored seminar on Real estate. Arman had joined in with his Dad to learn the business shortly after.

Arman, with the help of his dad, had already closed on a single-family home in Alabama before they had attended boot camp in San Francisco. Arman likes that he can build his finances now and plan for his future. After attending the boot camp with his dad in San Francisco, they were able to hit the ground running and closed on a Duplex.

Note: Since this interview, Arman has been able to rent out both units for a total of $1150.00 gross rents and $800 NOI. He will be marketing the property soon and hopes to sell next month. With his some of his profits he will be reinvesting in real estate in addition to getting a new iPhone X and maybe giving his dad a piece of the action. [Read More]

How to Leverage Other People’s Money

Larry is the Founder and CEO of the revolutionary senior living facility Tuscan Gardens®. Prior to founding the company in 2010, he was the Founder and CEO of a private equity development and management company focused on starting, developing and growing business enterprises. He has served as Chairman or Board Member for many of those investments. He has created some 80 businesses in his professional career selling over $1.5 billion of goods and services, employing several thousand employees and generating half a billion dollars of investment capital. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Pino has transacted numerous real estate, stock, and investment ventures for himself and his clients exceeding $10 billion in value. Larry is also a commercial litigation attorney specializing in business and investment law. In the last 30 years, Larry has conducted some 5,500 speaking engagements, speaking to over one million people and appearing on 140 radio and television talk shows. In addition, he is the author of eleven books. [Read More]

The Power of Leverage in the Buying and Selling of Businesses

Carl Allen, Founder and President of Ninja Acquisitions, is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. Carl has worked on transactions worth over $50 billion, which includes over 250 acquisitions and sales, together with more than 100 capital fund raising projects. In a 24-year career, Carl has analyzed thousands of businesses, big and small, in 17 different countries and across nearly every business sector, including technology, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer goods and services, business services, retail, professional services, finance, packaging, and corporate clothing. He has a solid reputation as an investor and corporate dealmaker, having worked for Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Forrester, and Gartner. In addition to advising some of the world’s largest corporations on investments, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring, Carl has also assisted hundreds of business owners in raising both equity and debt finance. [Read More]

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly – And Other Empowering Strategies

Renowned throughout the financial industry as America’s “Money Answer Man,” Jordan Goodman has been addressing America’s personal finance questions for nearly 40 years. The host of, he has been in the personal finance journalism field for decades. A graduate of Amherst College’s London School of Economics, he received his master’s in journalism from the Columbia School of Journalism and spent 20 years at Money magazine, where he covered every aspect of personal finance for 20 years. He has written 13 books, including “Fast Profits in Hard Times” and the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. In addition to guest appearances on finance related radio and TV shows, he has also hosted his own podcast called The Money Answer Show for 11 years. [Read More]

Ron Legrand Talks Small Apartments

In case you didn’t know, I’m from humble beginnings, a former auto mechanic who couldn’t even make ends meet working overtime. I’ll never forget telling my wife again and again we couldn’t afford a new washing machine when our old one broke. Today, we live in a 7,000 square foot home in Florida. I’ve bought and sold over 3,000 homes and commercial properties all over America (using the same System I’ll give you) and I have thousands of people I’ve helped and am helping to achieve their grandest goals. I’d like to share my story with you. [Read More]

How to Get More Money Than You Know What to Do With

Jay Conner’s message is so critical to your wealth. The key to buying bank-owned properties in the current market is private money. Without it, you’re not going far. With it, you can buy four houses a month from your desk and get deals at 40-60 cents on the dollar. Jay is a guy who’s made over a million per year in the last 8 years in a town of little more than 40K, and all while only working about 10 hours a month. It’s all due to private money. He’ll show you how he raised $2,100,000 in 90 days and give you the scripts and steps to do the same. [Read More]

Self-Directed IRAs – Investing in What You Know Best

Quincy Long is the President of Quest IRA and works in the Houston corporate office. He has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1991, specializing in real estate and has been a fee attorney for American Title Company. In 1990, Quincy received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston, and continued his education, receiving his Masters of Law in 1997. He has sat on the board of directors of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH), the second largest real estate club in the country, and maintains the title of Certified IRA Service Professional, CISP. Quincy is also the author of numerous articles on self-directed IRAs and other real estate related topics, many of which can be found on the Quest IRA website. He is the co-author of “Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs and Other Retirement Plans.” Widely known for his enthusiasm, attention to detail and knowledge of the Self-Directed retirement industry, he is one of the most sought after key note speakers in the nation. [Read More]

How to Profit with Small Apartments

Lance Edwards, the host of the Greenlight REI podcast, is the #1 Bestselling author of “How To Make Big Money in Small Apartments.” He has been involved in buying and reselling small apartment buildings since 2002, when he discovered real estate investing as a supplemental income source to his demanding, full-time corporate job. His first deal was a small apartment fourplex that he bought with nothing down. Over the years, he has done deals ranging from three to nearly 300 units – and within three years he was able to retire from corporate America. His company, First Cornerstone Group, LLC is a real estate education and marketing company which enables both new and experienced real estate investors to accelerate their path to financial independence through small apartment investing. Houston Business Journal recognized Lance’s company as the 13th fastest growing private company in the city. [Read More]

Green Light REI’s Inaugural Podcast

Introducing Lance Edwards, #1 Bestselling Author of “How To Make Big Money in Small Apartments.”

Lance Edwards, the host of the Greenlight REI podcast, is the #1 Bestselling author of “How To Make Big Money in Small Apartments.” He has been involved in buying and reselling small apartment buildings since 2002, when he discovered real estate investing as a supplemental income source to his demanding, full-time corporate job. His first deal was a small apartment fourplex that he bought with nothing down. Over the years, he has done deals ranging from three to nearly 300 units – and within three years he was able to retire from corporate America. [Read More]

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