Episode 14: Brian Fouts Interview

Empowering People to Take Control of Their Personal Finances with Brian Fouts, CEO of The Elevation Group

For 10 years, Brian Fouts worked and traveled as a construction manager – but while following the straight and narrow, he accrued debt, struggled to make ends meet, and realized his time was controlled by someone else. He knew there was a greater journey to follow, and made a significant change after 2008, when he, his family and friends lost their homes, their life savings and financial security. He and his brother Jake began to educate themselves about how money, wealth and “real” investing worked. Learning strategies ranging from real estate to private lending to cash banking (including real estate single families and online investing), they began taking control of their financial destinies. As founders of The Elevation Group, they teach people how to get out of the rat race and create connections with those who can help them achieve their goals. Through their resources at EVG and investing ventures, they built Elevation Institute as a beacon to those looking for actionable education and resources to take control of their financial security. [Read More]

Episode 13: Geoffrey Platt Interview






Small Balance Loans For Small Apartment Purchases with Geoffrey Platt, VP Originator of Arbor Realty Trust

Geoffrey Platt joined Arbor in 2010 and is responsible for originating FNMA, Freddie Mac, HUD, CMBS and Bridge loans. In addition, he oversees The Arbor Select Program (ASP), a rigorous and comprehensive development curriculum for sales careers at the Company. Prior to joining Arbor, Platt was a Real Estate Assistant Manager at Pomander Associates LLC, a family-based real estate business. During his tenure, he identified acquisition opportunities, developed post-acquisition profit improvement strategies and repositioned underperforming assets. Previous to that position, Platt spent several years at Bear Stearns & Co., holding multiple management trainee positions within Fixed Income Trade Support, Derivatives Client Servicing, and Prime Broker Trade Support. He earned a Master of Science in Real Estate from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brandeis University. [Read More]

Episode 12: Loral Langemeier Interview





Lance Edwards recently hosted Loral Langemeier, “The Millionaire Maker” on his Green Light podcast, and Ms. Langemeier spoke in detail about her trademarked seven steps that people can take to create more wealth for themselves. The first is understanding your relationship to money. She teaches it not from the standpoint of just writing about it in a journal, talking about it and having therapy about it, but the importance of hands on experience. You’ve got to get out in the streets, to speak, and hang out with established entrepreneurs. It’s not just reading or audio books – you have to have the relationship in person. Ms. Langemeier tells people that the fastest way to know what millionaires think and how they act and behave is by spending time with them. You can read and fantasize all you want but it won’t manifest in your life unless there’s that personal connection. [Read More]

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